Wednesday, June 12

About Avery Imports


Avery Imports offers a variety of wholesale floral baskets and containers. We have ceramics, metal, pot covers, dish gardens, basket liners, displays, custom designs and supplies.

Avery Imports is pleased to present our latest collection of quality floral and garden center containers. Many of these handcrafted baskets are designed specifically by Avery Imports with you in mind.  We have widened our line to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We offer a new selection of Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) ready-made displays, distinctive accessories for indoor and outdoor living, fresh spring designs, and classics that you count on us for.  From garden centers to florists, our collection is uniquely customizable to give you a professional look at a reasonable price. Our product line provides you with a wealth of ideas and perhaps some inspiration for styles and applications. Let us work together to create floral masterpieces that reflect individual expression and creative ingenuity. Avery's customer service staff is happy to help you with your choices, ideas, and information. Our 265,000 square foot facility is well stocked for quick and dependable delivery.

Your Avery Imports sales and customer service staff are at your service.

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